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the end of the month. >> reporter: flom the homily monsignor expected to deliver this morning at the mass in st. joseph's cathedral in san jose. just like everyone else -- >> totally shocked. >> reporter: -- he, too, was taken aback by the news that pope benedict would be stepping down february 28th for health reasons. >> we we saw him in rome in october, we realized how frail he's becoming. i think it's a courageous act on his part. >> reporter: the 85-year-old pope had been considering resigning for several months because he's tired, having trouble walking and had recently been advised by his doctor not to embark on any more trans-atlantic flights. the pontiff released a statement that reads in part, quote, after having repeatedly examined my conscience before god, i have come to the certainty that my strengths due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the petrine ministry. >> i'm very disappointed because, in my lifetime, every
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pope has followed the natural path of dying and then electing a new pope. >> that's kind of sad that he has to go, but you know, at least he realizes that he can't continue. >> most of the news people were saying, well, he's a rottweiler pope, well, no, he wasn't. he was a pope who spoke on love. and he has a strong legacy of love and being faithful to the catholic church. >> as i said about john paul, they came to see him. benedi benedict, they came to hear him. i think that will be his legacy. >> reporter: when the pope resigns at the end of the month, he'll continue to live the rest of his life at the vatican. some time in march the cardinals will gather to choose his successor. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. in the meantime, archbishop salvatore cordileone just announced this statement, quote, on behalf of the priests,
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religious and lay faithful of the archdiocese of san francisco, i express our deep gratitude to pope benedict xvi for his lifetime of tireless and self-ness service to the church. may god bless him and may god guide the college of cardinals as they choose his successor. >> on that subject, with the surprising resignation announcement coming today, vatican outsiders say they believe cardinal from ghana. is a spokesman for the church's social conscience. terkson would become the first black pope. also on the list of replacements mark uelett of the vatican who is head of the congregation of bishops. the position of pope once reserved for italians is now opened to all. john paul was actually polish
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and pope benedict is german. >> we continue to follow new developments in that southern california manhunt. police remain on high alert this morning as the search for a fugitive ex-cop enters week number two. on sunday, los angeles police announced a $1 million reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of christopher dorner. surveillance footage surfaced over the weekend. it's believed to show dorner dumping a gun belt, helmet, uniform and ammunition in a dumpster in san diego the morning after his first two suspected murders. police believe dorner is out for revenge for being fired fro the lapd after making false complaints about his training officer. now the police chief says he is reopening his case. >> maybe there is something to what he says. and i want to put that to rest. the only way i know how to put that to re is to review what has already been reviewed at multiple levels. >> today officers continue to search the mountains around big
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bear lake where investigators now say they discovered a cache of weapons and camping gear in his burned-out truck. investigators in santa clara county trying to figure out exactly who shot two men right in the middle of the day, killing one of them. that shooting happened in an unincorporated area near highway 85 and union avenue between san jose and los gatos. sheriff's deputies say a man was shot to death sunday afternoon at a home on rhonda drive. that second man suffered a shot in the arm. he was able to, after the shooting, to drive himself to the hospital. neighbors say the men did know each other. in fact, they lived at the same home. >> something happened at that house before, and yeah, like a few officers came out. not that much. they weren't there that long, but officers have come to that house. >> investigators right now not characterizing this one as a homicide just yet. but they do say the investigation is ongoing. dozens of tires slashed along one single street in
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concord. police are searching for the suspect along bel-air drive off of treat boulevard. that's where christie smith is live this morning with a lock at all the damage. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, marlmarla, but what a frustrating way to start the week. someone slashed tires in this concord parking lot. this one they got all four tires. pan over here, row after row. this car, this car. you can see someone starting to work on this car here. for some residents, it's more than one car. two or three of their own that were hit and they want whoever did it caught. the sound of flapping flat tires is becoming common as drivers -- >> i walked outside and my tires were slashed along with everybody else's. >> reporter: he says he'll pay $360 for a new set. >> when i got here, i quickly received three phone calls. >> reporter: the manager is handling many of the 60 cars and
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vans hit by vandals. tow trucks keep coming. most cars had all the tires slashed with a thin pick. >> unfortunately now anything that's in the side wall is not a reparable puncture. >> reporter: so that will be four new tires. >> or more in some cases. >> reporter: concord police say the calls come in sunday morning. the more they investigated, the worse it got starting at the condos. >> at first i thought i ran something over. then i looked over at my neighbors and they all were flat, too. then i came up this way and sadly everyone else's is flat, too. >> reporter: across busy clayton road and glacier drive, vandals slashed more tires. an expensive nuisance that's forcing people to work from home or just catch a ride until they're up and rolling again. >> i'm pretty upset about it. i can't believe they would do something like this. it saddens me so much. >> reporter: now, concord police are asking for the public's help in try to solve this.
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they're asking anyone who may have seen anything unusual over the weekend to please give them a call. they're tell me they're looking for any sort of video evidence that might help. reporting live in concord, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you very much. the man teaming up with former lapd chief bill bratton to try to turn things arn in oakland's growing crime problem is laying out ideas of his own. police consultant robert wasserman speaking at a packed meeting yesterday at holy names university, wasserman says oakland should move to a neighborhood policing model to try to rebuild trust between the officers and the community. he talked about applying something called the broken windows theory. >> a broken window, when someone doesn't fix it, you get another and another and the whole area will event wally deteriorate which creates a breeding ground for crime. >> he will hold several other meetings, then develop a plan in the next five months. palo alto police have
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released the sketch of an armed robbery suspect. police say a man who looks like this pointed a gun at another man, took his wallet, then ran away. the victim was not hurt. it happened saturday morning at an apartment complex near highway 101 and oregon expressway. again, this is in palo alto. detectives think this could be related to a robbery a few weeks ago of a couple near downtown palo alto. the descriptions of the gunman in both cases are very similar. time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. mondays are tough to get started here, but with the sunshine, makes it a little easier, a little less pale. >> yeah, you got to get to work. when the weather is nice, it means lunchtime is a little more enjoyable. 11:10 now. getting close to the noon hour as we speak. what i can tell su how does this look for outdoor lunch plan? you can't beat that. taking a live look alcatraz, beautiful day shaping up. not a cloud in the sky. hard to find a cloud anywhere out there today. look at where your temperatures
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are at 11:00. already 63 degrees in novato. it's mild out there. we're headed towards temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in some cities today. not even close to the warmest day of the week. this continue s all the way through friday. another mild and sunny finish, then we get into the near record highs wednesday, thursday, friday. >> nice. >> holding on to it for saturday as well. >> music to the ears there. near record highs, 70s? >> i can do it in falsetto, if it would sound better. >> i would pay for that. all right, we'll look forward to that. thank you very much. still ahead, we're one day away from the president's state of the union address. we'll have a preview on what you can expect to hear from president barack obama coming up. our san francisco giants are headed for the desert. we'll take you to spring training in arizona where the orange and black will get ready to defend their world championship. go daddy best known for its
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with sizzler's steak & lobster. president obama will address the nation tomorrow in his state of the union address. in his speech sh t, the preside sure to talk to congress about cuts next month. he's expected to push for gun control, clean energy and immigration reform. but the white house says he'll focus on middle class jobs. >> i hope to hear from the president in the state of the union he wants to join us in trying to effect much smarter cuts in spending. >> the result could be a huge blow to middle class families and our economy as a whole. all our economic progress could be put at risk. >> after tomorrow's address, president obama hits the road with his plan for the budget and ideas to stimulate the economy starting in north carolina on wednesday. >> arizona-based go daddy today
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will open up silicon valley offices for the very first time. so the question remains, scott mcgrew, what took so long to get here? >> that's something we'll ask the go daddy ceo today. the company opening its west coast offices in sunnyvale. go daddy best known for its risque commercials but it ap a serious company. a company that struggled lately in the loss over a porn site. though most experts say it will never stand. we'll have more about go daddy tonight as we see that kiss yet again. "the wall street journal" and "the new york times" says that apple is working on a wearable device, sort of a wristwatch. although a wristwatch only tells time. something like a communicator, body monitor, might take the place of your cell phone as well. when they come out with the apple watch, the second you buy it, they'll announce the apple
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wristwatch two. few people wear watches now because of cell phones. now they'll be combining them back together. >> neither of us wear a watch. >> no, we don't. but for a workout machine like you, it would come in handy. >> i'd wear an apple watch. the boys of spring are back. the defending world champs are getting ready for the cactus league. >> that is right. it's an annual ritual. covering it for us down in scottsdale. he has a look at how the giants are getting back into the swing of things. >> hey, a very good morning to you and greetings from scottsdale stadium, the spring training home of your world series champions san francisco giants. check it out. the banner outside scottsdale stadium. pitchers and catchers officially report tomorrow. some players already trickling in, but you know what? spring training, it starts now. with another world series title last season, the giants have established a culture of winning that picks back up as the team embarks on spring training here
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in scottsdale. the expectations for another successful season and the work to make it happen kicks back into gear in the days ahead. the team knows what it wants to accomplish this spring before opening day several weeks down the line. >> it's a new season, new year, new race. and what happened last year, and i want these guys to always remember, you know, a tremendous year like we had. at the same time, you got to move forward. you know, or else you're slipping backwards. there's no in between. >> you'll have ups and downs throughout the course of the year. we're in a good division. the dodgers make a lot of moves, the diamond backs are a really good team. seeing the padres and the rockies can be a team that can be, you know, off the year before, then come out guns blazing the next year. so we know we've got our work cut out for us, but i think it's a challenge that all of us are
11:16 am
excited about. >> and we will have so much more for you in the coming days of the giants arrive for spring training and then as the action begins as they get ready for the 2013 campaign. >> thank you, lawrence. looking for flights today, actually. >> really? going to check them out. you are ready for baseball. >> who's not? i know christina is. >> i am. but i'll wait until our weather is not so great and theirs is looking good. what i can tell you is that today we'll be in the 50s. rain showers out there in scottsdale, then the 70s as of tomorrow. here in our neck of the woods, we, too, will see 70s. beautiful picture, san jose tells the story. crystal clear conditions, sunshine to warm us up to 63 in novato. what a difference a day makes here. 55 in gilroy. the ever-changing winter pattern continues. offshore flow for today and all week long, big strong ridge of
11:17 am
high pressure pushes that marine layer way out to sea. we're crystal clear from santa rosa down south today. the north bay will register the warmest, 67 for san jose. we'll touch on the low 60s here in san jose. 60 in san francisco. we'll see an onshore flow tomorrow morning. a little bit of coastal fog. fog off the bay around 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. won't last long. we'll clear that sky out by noon. then high pressure really gets busy. we're talking about temperatures really starting to warm up wednesday through friday. that is the warmest timeframe, but the good news is jon and marla, we'll hold on to beautiful weather all throughout the upcoming we could. hold off of scottsdale, marla, until the following weekend when our temperatures drop off. >> i'm looking at the end of march. it should be good then. >> a little travel advisory
11:18 am
there. angel pagan autograph maybe? >> i hope. >> and photo. >> it will be on facebook if so. coming up at 11:00, b.a.r.t. is stepping up its effort to crack down on bad behavior. why some people could soon be without ride. how about a look bakt the grammys?
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welcome back, everybody. b.a.r.t. now stepping up all set to ban rider who don't behave. the transit agency's governing board implementing a new law allowing the agency to ban riders who commit certain offenses. it includes anything from defacing property and urinating in public to fighting with other passengers. now, these bans can last from 30
11:21 am
days to one year depending on the severity of the offense. b.a.r.t. citizen review board will hold a meeting tonight in oakland to discuss those changes which are expected to go into effect in may. san francisco police will decide soon whether it will arm its officers with stun guns. the police commission is holding the last of a series of public meetings on the use of the nonlethal device. it will be held tonight at 6:00 at the bay view opera house. commission members will then decide whether to recommend the plan to the city ops board of supervisor. last december a safety committee delayed action after receiving negative response from the community at a hearing. the los gatos city council reconvening tonight to discuss things about a gun sale in town. hundreds of people gathering last monday night talking about new sporting goods stores, one in particular, that is selling guns on university avenue. opponents, they think the city should have held a public hearing before approving permits for that store.
11:22 am
the store owner says he is simply following the rules. now, this debate actually got so heated, the owner telling nbc bay area he's even received death threats at his house. tonight's meeting is set to also address the permit process for gun sales and new gun regulations. this one is set to start at 7:00. it turns out san francisco taxpayers could end up footing the bill for the america's cup. with just six months before the racing begins, efforts to bring in major donors have stalled. the chronicle reports organizers have raised $14 million so far. that's less than half of what they need. police, cleanup, transportation among other things are expected to cost as much as $34 million. the trouble with fund-raising may have to do with low turnout. it was supposed to be a 12-team race, but only three teams are confirmed. >> all right. hey, coming up, when we get back, in case you didn't see it, we'll let you have a little insight at last night's grammy
11:23 am
awards. >> including an honor for a local group.
11:24 am
11:25 am
the biggest awards in music were handed out last night at the 55th edition of the grammy awards. there was quite a variety of winners this year. >> and the grammy goes to -- fun! >> doesn't get much more fun than that, winning best pop group there for fun taking home the new artist award and song of the year honors for the hit "we are young." gotye wins for that haunting song "somebody i used to know" and mumford and sons walking away with album of the year for "basketball "babble." adele pulled it off last year. >> there's a few of us out there and the grammies have opened their arms to us. we're very grateful. >> other winners from the night include the black keys, frank ocean and carrie underwood.
11:26 am
the san francisco symphony wins the award for best orchestral performance. another winner of the night was j. lo's dress. >> that leg, yes. >> woo! >> not that i noticed. just heard about it. >> barely caught his eye. thank you so much for being with us. join us tonight, all day long as well online. >> i did notice johnny depp. he was there, so was prince. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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